Crooked Smile Creations

If you are looking for great accessories that are stylish and fun and keep your active life in balance, then you will love Crooked Smile Creations.  

These days our lives can be quite hectic with all the places we need to be, seemingly at the same time.  It’s important to keep the small details in check, so we can focus on the larger tasks at hand.  

I have been a single mother, a full time office employee, and an organizer of large events.  I know how quickly things can get chaotic if given a chance.  That is why I make the accessories I do.  It is satisfying to know that you just need to grab the one favorite accessory that keeps your keys, credit cards and ID together so you can focus on more pressing matters.  

My accessories are made by me from start to finish.  I design, cut, sew and finish every item that I have listed in my shop.   It is also important to me that each item is unique and stylish.  There is no need to compromise style for convenience.